About Us

Bone broth has been around for centuries. In a phrase “it’s always been here.” We were health conscience mothers who were impressed with the integrity and knowledge of certified holistic nutritionist, Nadia Kotsos. She is the founder and sole proprietor of Drink Juice Co. and has the biggest heart. She created a “magical” broth that is a whole food and nutrient dense.

We are four women who credit our prior career experiences with teaching us the tools of the trade and preparing us to make this major move. Between us, we have a certified holistic nutritionist, business owner, educator, health care professional, cancer survivor, certified personal trainer, community volunteers and fitness enthusiasts.

During a dinner party, the four of us realized that together we had three major things in common: 

  • vision
  • drive
  • but mostly, a desire to reach more people and help them

Ultimately, Bon Sip was created, and we could not be prouder to make Nadia’s nutritious and delicious sipping bone broth more accessible to you.

We are women who have entered the workforce, and not only is this sector of entrepreneurialism growing, but it is trail blazing toward that glass ceiling. Having long lasting friendships is a big accomplishment in and of itself, but when they are also your business partners, it makes working towards success that much more fulfilling.